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April Message from the Manager

Your co-op pays taxes, too!

Jerry King

Does Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative pay taxes? Yes!  Just like its hardworking members, Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative pays taxes each year.


As a not-for-profit electric distribution cooperative, Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative does not pay an income tax.   Cooperative’s pay an “in lieu” property tax on the poles, lines, substations and other distribution facilities the cooperative owns in place of income taxes.  This tax is based on the megawatt hours of all retail sales of electricity sold to consumers during a calendar year.


This tax revenue is allocated by the State of North Dakota to counties based on the location of retail sales and the mileage of distribution lines located within each county.


Six counties served by Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative received a total of $186,212 when the cooperative paid its taxes in 2017.  The following counties received tax dollars from the Cooperative:

2017 Taxes Paid

In addition to the “in lieu” tax, Burke-Divide Electric pays locally assessed real estate taxes on the unimproved value of the land it owns for offices and other facilities.


Until next time,


Jerry King

General Manager

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