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April Message from the Manager

Democratic member control

Jerry King

Every cooperative—whether it’s your electric cooperative, your credit union or a farm co-op—follows the basic principle of one member, one vote.

As your local electric cooperative, Burke-Divide Electric is guided by an elected Board of Directors who represent its members’ best interest when making important decisions.

Being a member of the co-op’s Board is an incredibly important position in our community. A director’s decisions will impact issues, such as service rates, rights of way and work plans. This position holds great responsibility and requires people who understand their community’s needs and serve the cooperative members’ best interest. 

Every member in good standing of the co-op may run for the board.  Co-ops invite participation. In fact, it is critically important to the survival of the co-op.  As the electric utility industry evolves, having interested members who are willing to take an active role in the future of the cooperative is critically important.

The Board of Directors is a democratically elected body voted into position by all members who choose to participate in the cooperative’s open election held each year at the cooperative’s Annual Meeting.

At this year’s annual meeting, members will elect a director in District 2 and a director in District 3.  The District 2 seat currently held by Kurt Koppelsloen, Columbus, and the District 3 seat currently held by Jeff Dahlin, Kenmare, are up for election.  Information regarding the director election process is included following this message.

Directors matter.  They come from a variety of occupations and bring a vast amount of knowledge to the board room.  Burke-Divide Electric is fortunate to have a strong Board of Directors that works hard to make the best decisions for the cooperative and the members we serve.

Until next time,


Jerry King

General Manager

BDEC Bylaw Section 4.2—Director Qualifications
Every director or candidate for a directorship shall: (1) be a member of the Cooperative and receive electric service from the cooperative at a meter located within the district for the directorship being filled, and (2) be a bona fide resident of the area within the outside geographical boundaries of the district for the directorship being filled, even if the residence is not served by the cooperative. This qualification shall apply whether such directorship is being filled by election or appointment.  No representative of a member who is other than a natural person shall be qualified to be a director unless that person is also a member of the Cooperative individually and meets the criteria outlined above.

2020 Director elections are postponed.  Directors will remain seated until such time as an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the Cooperative is held.

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