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August Message from the Manager

Working safely near power lines

Jerry KingDamage to cooperative-owned lines, poles, and other equipment can create dangerous situations, unnecessary power outages for you and other members, and cost a significant amount of money.

In the first half of this year, there have been 15 incidents of damage to cooperative-owned facilities costing the membership of the cooperative nearly $12,000.  In 2020, 28 incidents were reported causing nearly $23,000 in damages.  In 2019, there were 26 incidents causing $56,000 in damages.  In 2018, 28 incidents causing nearly $43,000 in damages.   And in 2017, there were 15 incidents causing nearly $10,000 in damages.

With that being said, I want to share with you some things to keep in mind when working near power lines and other electrical facilities.

Check areas around your property carefully for overhead power lines, utility poles, pad-mount transformers, and underground cabinets.

Make sure you, your family, and employees know the location of overhead power lines, and use routes to avoid the lines when moving equipment. Do this every year, as equipment sizes and soil conditions may change.

Avoid moving large equipment alone. Have someone watch as you move equipment to ensure you are clear of power lines.

Electrical lines may also be underground.  If you are planning an outdoor project that requires digging, always call 8-1-1 first.  Utility companies will locate the underground lines they own.  If you have private electrical lines buried around your home, contact a qualified person to locate these lines as well.

Once again, I encourage you to be aware of power lines and other electrical equipment around your property.  Look up.  Look down.  Look around.  If you notice something potentially unsafe, give us a call.

Until next time,

Jerry King
General Manager

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