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Outage Reporting: 1.800.472.2983 or 701.939.6671

Don't be silent about safety!

Cellphone photoSafety is everyone’s job!  Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative’s system covers a large territory, with thousands of utility poles, hundreds of miles of power line and numerous transformers and other equipment.


As a cooperative member, you can provide a valuable service to your cooperative by observing and reporting hazardous conditions which may threaten electric service reliability or endanger public safety.


Members who notice anything potentially unsafe involving Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative's power lines are asked to contact the cooperative – either call the office or take a photo with your smartphone and send it to us via email. Please include a general location description and/or your phone number so the cooperative can reach you.


The following are some of the conditions you should report to us immediately:

  • Downed or sagging power lines or broken wires
  • Kites or balloons entangled in power lines
  • Broken insulators
  • Broken power poles or dangerously leaning poles
  • Cracked or damaged utility poles
  • Antennas near power lines
  • Dead or leaning trees close to power lines or trees entangled in power lines
  • Loose guy wires
  • Vandalized equipment
  • Cut wire or broken locks at electrical substations
  • Unlocked underground
  • Anyone climbing utility poles or substation fences


Call Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative immediately at 1-800-472-2983.

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