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Keep clear access to cooperative-owned equipment

We at Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative do everything we can to keep the areas around our equipment clear of debris and vegetation, but we also need your help.

Vegetation, landscaping, and debris around poles and pad-mounted transformers make it more difficult and more dangerous for BDEC employees to access equipment. 

Co-op technicians need enough clearance around a utility pole to access the pole with a bucket truck or digger/derrick.

At least 12 feet of clearance is required at the opening side of a pad-mounted transformer. Approximately 4 feet of open space is preferable at the rear and on the sides of the metal housing.  This distance allows for tool use, including hot sticks—typically eight feet in length, used to work with energized equipment.  

Do not store personal items on top of pad-mounted transformers or attach satellite dishes, security cameras, or other equipment to Cooperative-owned utility poles.

With proper clearances and clear access to Cooperative-owned poles, transformers and other equipment, BDEC employees can locate equipment, make repairs, and restore power safely and quickly.

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