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Keep poles free of attachments

Put yourself in their boots. It’s windy, raining and dark. And lineworkers have to climb a power pole with nails imbedded into it. Or a birdhouse or another obstacle hangs from the pole, creating another hazard for a lineworker.

Signs, satellite dishes, flags, deer stands or other attachments to power poles create serious safety hazards for lineworkers. Attached objects make the poles extremely hazardous – and sometimes impossible – for lineworkers to climb to restore power or to perform routine maintenance.

Staples, nails and tacks used to hang items pose dangers to lineworkers, too. Sharp objects like nails, tacks, staples or barbed wire can puncture rubber gloves and other safety equipment, making lineworkers vulnerable to electrocution.

It only takes a nail partially driven into a pole to cause serious injury to a lineworker. Nail holes also allow moisture to enter wooden poles, causing premature decay and the expense of early replacement.

Lineworkers climb utility poles at all hours of the day and night, in the worst of conditions. Signs, posters, basketball rims, birdhouses or deer stands attached to utility poles can create serious hazards for our line personnel.

Step into the lineworker’s boots! Please be respectful of co-op equipment and property.

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