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Outage Reporting: 1.800.472.2983 or 701.939.6671

Look Up, Look Around and Be Safe!

Look Up


  • Obey signs that say “danger” and “keep out” around large electrical equipment, like substations. These signs aren’t warnings; they’re commands to keep you safe.
  • Hunters and other gun owners should not shoot near or toward power lines, power poles and substations. A stray bullet can cause damage to equipment, could be deadly to the shooter, and potentially interrupt electric service to large areas.
  • Padmount transformers, better known as “big green boxes,” may be scattered through your neighborhood. Cooperative employees need room to work safely on transformers. Keep shrubs and structures 10 feet away from doors and 4 feet away from the other sides. Also, don’t allow children to play on or near the structures.


  • Farmers and their equipment should always be 10 feet away from power lines on all sides. Field cultivators and sprayers can often reach as high as 12 feet in the air. Practice extreme caution and use a spotter to make sure you stay far away from power lines when you use tall equipment.
  • If you have purchased new equipment, be aware of antennas or other attachments that may pose new hazards. A newer, bigger piece of equipment may no longer clear a line. In addition, shifting soil may also affect whether or not machinery avoids power lines from year-to-year.
  • Power lines also may sag over the years. If power lines on your property are sagging, contact Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative to repair the lines. Never try to move a power line on your own.
  • Overhead power lines are not the only electric hazard on the farm. Pole guy wires, used to stabilize utility poles, are grounded. However, when one of the guy wires is broken, it can become charged with electricity. If you break a guy wire, call the cooperative to fix it. Don’t do it yourself.


Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative's system covers a large territory, with thousands of utility poles, hundreds of miles of power line and numerous transformers and other equipment.

As a cooperative member, you can provide a valuable service to your cooperative by observing and reporting hazardous conditions which may threaten electric service reliability or endanger public safety.

Members who notice anything potentially unsafe involving Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative's power lines are asked to contact the cooperative.

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