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March Message from the Manager

Meter conversion project update

Jerry King

In February, Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative began installing new, automated meters throughout our system.  We started the process on the East side of our service area in the Norma, Tolley, Kenmare and Donnybrook areas and will work our way towards the West.


We have hired a contractor, Chapman Metering, to facilitate the meter exchange process for us.  When meters are changed, Chapman will leave a notification in the member’s door to let them know their meter has been changed.


Members can expect to lose power for a few minutes on the day the new meter is installed.  The first bill received after the meter exchange will show two meter readings:  one from the old meter and one from the new meter.


Additional information regarding the metering project and an installation schedule are available by clicking here.  We will also post installation schedule updates on our social media channels.  We encourage you to review the information available online or give us a call if you have questions about the new metering system.

Until next time,


Jerry King

General Manager

Router Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative’s new meter system uses radio frequency (RF) for its communications and has three basic components installed on the system—meters, routers and collectors.  Routers (pictured) are installed about every four miles throughout the system.  Many routers have been placed in members’ yards to minimize the need to install a new pole and transformer to power the router.  Collectors are installed mostly in substations.  The routers and collectors communicate data recorded by the meter back to the office for use in system monitoring, SmartHub, and member billing.
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