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March Message from the Manager

Tips, tools, resources for managing your energy bill

Jerry King

I hope the temperatures have improved by the time you are reading this newsletter.  With the extreme cold weather we experienced over the past couple of months, I wanted to share with you some energy savings tips as well as some resources available to members who may need some assistance managing electric bills.


Heating and air conditioning are usually the largest loads in a home and responsible for 40-50% of your annual energy spend. Some tips for saving energy during the winter months include setting thermostats to 68 degrees or lower, installing programmable thermostats, insulating electric wall outlets and switches with foam pads, keeping drapes and shades open during the day to catch free solar heat and closed at night to keep heat in, and lowering your water heater temperature to 120 degrees. 


Maybe it is time to update your home’s heating system, insulation, windows, or major appliances.  If it is, Burke-Divide Electric has a low-interest member loan program that may be able to assist with financing these updates.  Loans are available to members in good standing for energy conservation measures, electric heating, air conditioning, electric crop drying, and major appliances.


Perhaps you would like a consistent electric bill all year long.  If so, Burke-Divide Electric offers a Budget Billing option for your monthly electric bill.  Budget Billing spreads your payments evenly throughout the year based on a 12-month average of your electric usage.  This lets you budget easily and avoid seasonal spikes in energy bills.


If you are having difficulty paying your home heating bills, there is a federal program that could help.  The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), administered by the N.D. Department of Human Services and county social service offices, provides home energy assistance to eligible low-income households.  Contact your local county social services office for eligibility requirements and an application.


We encourage you to visit the "Home and Business" section of the website for additional energy-savings tips and tools and to contact us with any questions you have about your electric account or resources available to you.


Until next time,


Jerry King

General Manager

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