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Move over. Protect roadside workers.

Move over

If your car has ever broken down or had a flat tire, leaving you stranded on the side of a road, you know how dangerous and unnerving it can be. Cars and trucks speeding by just inches away leaves too little margin for error and could so easily result in a disastrous crash.

America’s first responders – police, firefighters and ambulance crews – face this peril every day in the line of duty. Also at risk are tow truck drivers, highway workers, utility workers and others whose jobs sometimes require that they park their vehicle on the roadway or the side of the road.

North Dakota’s electric cooperatives are committed to the safety of our employees and member-consumers, and encourage motorists to move over or slow down (preferably both) when approaching utility vehicles on the side of the road with flashing lights activated.

Please give our employees the room they need to work safely; their jobs are dangerous enough already.

The North Dakota Move Over Law states that if an authorized emergency vehicle is parked or stopped on the interstate system or on a multilane highway outside the limits of a city, and the authorized emergency vehicle is displaying a flashing, revolving or rotating amber, blue, white or red light, the driver of an approaching vehicle shall proceed with caution and yield the right of way by moving to a lane that is not adjacent to the authorized emergency vehicle if the move may be made with due regard to safety and traffic conditions or if not, the driver shall proceed with due caution, reduce the speed of the vehicle, and maintain a safe speed for the road conditions.

This law also applies to N.D. Department of Transportation maintenance vehicles. The fine for violating North Dakota’s Move Over Law is $50 and two points assessed to your driver’s license.

Every driver has a part to play in keeping utility workers, first responders and others safe. When you see a vehicle with flashing lights, please slow down, move over and give them space to stay safe. “Move over” is not only the law in all 50 states, but is also the courteous thing to do. And when you safely move over, you are signaling to the drivers behind you that they should follow your lead.

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