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Electric Water Heaters

Heating your water with an electric water heater is simple and efficient.  Burke-Divide stocks durable 50 gallon Marathon electric water heaters that offer seamless, blow-molded polybutene inner tank wrapped in filament-wound fiberglass. They are great for "brutal well water" conditions and carry a Lifetime warranty on the tank.

See Marathon web site for further details.


Marathon Water Heaters Currently In Stock:

  • 50 gallon--$1,082.25
  • 85 gallon--$1,474.20
  • 105 gallon--$1,653.60

(Member pricing. Prices subject to change.)


Standby Generators

A standby generator powers your home or business during a power outage.  Standby generators come in many sizes and models.  Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative sells various Winco and Kohler generators.

Browse the manufacturers' websites for more information or contact us today for assistance in selecting the generator that is right for you.


Electric Boilers

Electric boilers can provide primary heat for your home or business. An electric boiler system is a very quiet and clean heating alternative. Heated water quietly circulates through the system without moving air. Electric boilers are also efficient and durable heating devices for warm floor heating applications. The boiler heats water that is circulated through piping in the concrete floor.

Contact us for specifications and pricing.


Electric Plenum Heaters

Electric plenum heaters are the best way to convert your new or existing fossil fuel furnace to a safe and convenient dual energy electric heating system. Electricity will be your primary source of heat, but the plenum heater will automatically switch to fossil fuel backup heating to meet comfort requirements.

Contact us for specifications and pricing.

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