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The majority of Americans have spent most of their lives around electricity. We have learned the lines and wires that seem to be everywhere are safe, but we still need to understand electricity.

The following are some simple safety tips that should be kept in mind when working with or around electricity:

  1. There is enough electrical current in your home wiring to kill you. Respect it.
  2. Do not work on anything electrical until you shut off its electricity supply. If you have any doubt about what you are doing, don't do it. Call a competent electrician.
  3. When disconnecting electric cords, pull the plug, not the cord.
  4. The only thing that belongs in a fuse socket is a fuse.
  5. Electricity and water don't mix. Be careful around tubs and sinks.
  6. Do not use fingers to check for the presence of electricity.
  7. Never touch a down power line. Call BDEC. We will take care of it if it is a co-op line. If it is yours, call an electrician.
  8. Explain to your children any do's and don'ts that you know about electricity. It may save their lives.
  9. Make sure that your home's wiring meets National Electrical Codes.
  10. When outside and handling or working with any tall objects, look up for power lines.
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