Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative has an Interconnection Process standard in effect to address the interconnection of distributed energy resources (DER) to the distribution grid. The Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative Interconnection Process for Distributed Energy Resources (Interconnection Process) applies to any DER no larger than 10-megawatt (MW) AC interconnecting to and operating in parallel with Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative’s distribution system in North Dakota. This interconnection process document is designed to be member-centric when explaining the steps and details to interconnect DER systems to the distribution grid.

This Interconnection Process includes DER types such as solar systems, energy storage batteries and wind systems along with fossil fuel generators and electric vehicles that may be used for emergency power. For the safety of the Cooperative’s personnel and the public, it is important for cooperative members to communicate with the Cooperative regarding the installation of all types of DERs.

The process to interconnect a DER system to the distribution grid starts with the submission of an Interconnection Application. Depending on the type and size of the DER system, the Interconnection Application will fall under one of three tracks. Each track has different information required in the application; and non-refundable interconnection application fees will vary. Both the electric utility and the Interconnection Customer have timelines that are enforced to ensure a timely application review, contract execution and interconnection commissioning.

The key to a successful interconnection of a DER system is communication between all parties. Timely submission of the Interconnection Application prior to the purchase and installation of a DER system is strongly recommended. The Cooperative encourages members to ask questions throughout the Interconnection Process.

Persons interested in finding out the additional information regarding the interconnection of a Distributed Energy Resource to Burke‐Divide Electric Cooperative’s (BDEC) distribution system are to fill out this Site Summary Report Request. The Site Summary Report Request is to be filled out as completely as possible by the applicant. The Utility will provide the applicant with a Site Summary Report within 15 Business Days once the completed Site Summary Report Request is submitted to BDEC.

Site Summary Report Request